Peacock blue

COULEUR BLEU PAON Plumes Naturelles

The peacock feather, centerpiece of a millennium seduction tool.

Peacock wheel

The peacock, Leo, makes the wheel to seduce his sweet, he draws all his feathers into a splendid wheel, and impresses with his beauty. Feathers, blue and green shades, about 200, rise on more than 150 centimeters. They are composed of a long rod, called "spinal" surrounded by volatile beards on the left and left parts.

Pack feathers Bardes

These green beards are grouped together on the end of the feather, attached with barbules, to bring up different colors, bluish, purple, golden. They densify to form the eye of the peacock, called the ocelo. All the feathers of the peacock have no ocelo, also the feathers located closest to the ground are sword-shaped, green and gilded.

At its base, the peacock wheel is made of multitude of small feathers of emerald and golden color, the first with all small ocelors, the others being only small plumets whose tip shines of miles lights. The blue peacock has blue only the plastron and the front of the body, entirely composed of small blue plumets, holding more than the down than the pen.

peacock blue

The peacock, once his period of seduction is complete, comes to lose all of his feathers naturally, when called the moult. They fall to renew each year, allowing him to realize, always more beautiful, his superb wheel.

These feathers, you propose them in their entirety, the smallest to the largest, in the limited meter.

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