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History of silver fishing feathers

We invite you in this article to discover the history of an emblematic pheasant, that of the silver pheasant. It has superb gray feathers that you can find in our shop, but before you present them, let's discover together the story of the silver pheasant.


Discover the Lophura Nycthemera

It is a pheasant whose hues are predominantly white, gray and black, as its name suggests: Nycthemera means black and white. In China, this bird is named Jug-Ky, the silver hen. And she bears his name.

Like the golden pheasant, it is native to the countries of southern China, where it was raised for nearly 4000 years. In the wild, this bird lives in the mountainous areas, where it settles on the slopes up to 2000 meters in the forests of bushes and bamboo. It has been introduced in Europe only around the 1650s, where it was raised in France and England, in the same way as several other species of pheasants.


The characteristics of the silver fishing pen

After this short introduction to the history of the silver pheasant, let's move on a few lines to describe his appearance, to give you a better idea of ​​the feathers it offers.

The silver pheasant is more imposing than its fellows such as golden pheasant. The male can be measuring nearly 1 meter 25, its plumage is distinguished in two different color parts. The upper part of its body is silver, with black lines. The lower part of his body is dark, black blue. Its tail can measure up to 75 centimeters, and remains of the same color as the upper part of plumage, ie black and silver.


Our silver fishing feathers

Find our silver fishing feathers in a selection of 2 types, from the pen of 5 centimeters to the pen of 30 centimeters.


The long feather of silver pheasant:

These feathers are beautiful feathers of silver pheasant wings, they are bright gray, and traversed by intense black lines rallying the tip of the pen symmetrically on either side of the spine. You can find this feather in[clicking here]


The small feather of silver pheasant:

Fine than the first, they adopt the same colors and lines, but on a much smaller format, about 5 centimeters at 8 centimeters. Find there in[clicking here]

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