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Feathers: a responsible purchase guide

The feather is a natural element, from the animal world, protected by restrictions and rules that it is important to know.

We then suggest you remember, or failing you, you will discover, the tools that will allow you to make your feather purchases in accordance with the rules in effect in your area of ​​activity, import and export. Yes Yes .. The feather trade is very controlled, and even if the feathers come from natural moulting, your own birds or a sanctuary that collects them, there are rules to respect.

Which tools and documents consult for a purchase of responsible feathers?

You can rely on the documents made available by CITES (Convention on International Species Trade), a convention that governs the circulation of live spectimens in the animal and plant world, with the aim of safeguarding and protecting them.

CITES consists of 3 Appendix (I, II, III where A, B, C). If the restrictions issued by CITES must be respected, each country is free to impose additional to safeguard certain specimens that are dear to them. For example, the peacock, an emblematic animal of India, is very protected in his country, the mere fact of having in captivity is considered a heavy fault, punished penalty.

So, how to navigate? First, we will provide you with the PDF file of the CITES 2020 edition, the most recent we have found during the publication of this article. This document will allow you to understand the CITES objective, the means available to it and its mode of operation. Also, a list of large plant and animal categories and families, distributed in the different Appendix.

PDF version of CITES, Appendix I, II, III:CITES PDF here

Faced with the colossal number of birds, and the variable component of restrictions based on geographic areas, we provide you with the ideal tool! Here is the Species +, an interactive and up-to-date guide that will allow you to know whether or not you can acquire, sell, transport, import and export the type of feathers you want.

The perfect guide for a purchase of responsible feathers is: Species +

Conclusion and thanks

We hope this little article will have been helpful, and that it will allow you to make your purchases in peace and knowledge of cause. These documents are not the first to fall on hand when buying or sells his first feathers, where feather creations. We even made mistakes in our first purchases, and revented. We sincerely thank Benjamin, from the Ministry of the Environment at the French Customs Service, for his help and the clarifications of which he has shared with and of which we retransmit the teachings.

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