How to use the feathers

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How to use feathers?

The feathers that you find on are all natural bird feathers that you can use for many creative activities. We invite you to visit the blog, which offers quality content dedicated to feathers and creation around this incredible material.

Feathers for decoration

Natural feathers can be used primarily for decorative purposes: decorative feathers in a vase, wall decoration feathers or large decorative feathers, such as peacock feathers as a room decoration for example. A more design use can also be envisaged, for a surprising and very aesthetic result, as Mathilde, founder of the Atelier des Barbules in Bordeaux, does. Mathilde makes framed design creations, highlighting the feather in a very meticulous and minimalist way. Find her work on her dedicated instagram account.

Feathers for hats

However, bird feathers are not only used for wall decoration, you can also use them in textile work, hat making is a very good example. At, we have many bird feathers for hats, which can be used as a base for hats, but also as bow ties or buttonholes. We often find them, feathers at carnival, but they can also and especially be worn every day.

Feathers for arrows

Bird feathers do not always rhyme with decoration and textile, you can also use them as calligraphy pens for some, writing pens, or drawing pens. But craftsmanship remains one of the sectors most interested in this material. Indeed, it is possible to use our nibs for the realization of arrows. Our arrow nibs have already seduced craftsmen making arrows for the European prehistoric jet weapons shooting championship.

Feathers for fly fishing

They are also used to make fishing flies, our smaller feathers are used as feathers for fly-fishing, sea fishing or fly-fishing.

Feathers for Jewelry

Our natural feathers are also used to make jewellery, such as necklaces or earrings. They are also easy to integrate into hair. Some of our clients stand out for their creativity in the field of jewellery. This is the case of Marion, creator of Mare a Mare, to whom we owe one of the most beautiful feathers we have, find her work directly on her website, and browse through many unique pieces.

Dreamcatcher and macramé feathers

Our dream catcher feathers are also used to make ethnic objects, in their authentic or more modern form: dream catchers. Feathers make up the majority of these objects, since they form the core of the dream catcher. You can find superb creations made in France at several of our customers, including Mouna and Laure, respectively creators of Moona Macramé and Anemoon creations.

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