Our exceptional feathers:

We have chosen to reference for you the most beautiful feathers possible, so we are always looking for new natural feathers.

We propose you feathers adapted to all your creative projects. Our selection of exceptional feathers is divided into two categories:

Feathers of exceptional sizes:

We have been looking for a long time for feathers of very large and very small sizes. We are now able to offer you feathers from centimeters to meters. We can now ship you feathers of about 1 meter. For the moment only our Ocelle peacock feathers and our male common pheasant feathers can reach this size, ideal for non-standard projects.

Concerning our smaller feathers, being more down than feathers, we count more references, in pheasant, peacock but especially in exotic birds such as Calopsittes parakeets, latham parakeets, omnicolor and others.

Our special and rare feathers :

We have also put at your disposal exotic feathers of a quality and singularity that make them exceptional feathers by definition. These feathers, mainly parakeets and parrots, come from farms and sanctuaries with which we have close links. Thus, we donate 10% of the income we receive from parrot feathers to the association governing the sanctuary which takes care of the parrots from which we obtain their moulting feathers.

All exotic bird feathers are moulting feathers from which we know the origin, these feathers are considered ethical, so you can use this appellation for your creations.

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