The golden pheasant

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The color of the golden pheasant:

The golden pheasant is one of the most present pheasants in breeding, but also one of the most impressive by the colors he arbores. Its red, gold, blue, black and orange feathers are splendid.

The origins of the golden pheasant

The golden pheasant comes from China, he still lives in the wild. It was introduced in Europe in the 18th century, and today is one of the most popular pheasants species. The climate of the environments it originates, in hot and cold cold, allow us to raise this pheasant in a fairly simple way. It adapt very well to all types of climates. His little Chinese name: Ken-Ky - which translates into French by the golden hen. A nickname all found for this bird with golden feathers.

Golden fishing feathers

Description of the golden fishing

The golden pheasant has an elegant silhouette and look great, its tail, very long, lengthens its body to about 110 centimeters. It can weigh up to 700 grams, so it's a beautiful bird! It has an elongated and inclined back at the level of its tail. Its plumage, red, yellow, golden, orange, black, blue and green ends with a black and golden tail of a superb size: 70 to 80 centimeters of beauty.

Discover the feathers of the golden fishing

We have the chance to have several types of gold pheasants, including Feathers of the Colero and the Feathers from the side sides of the rump.


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